cooperation of a
variety of organization

The project has a clear European approach, as it is based on the cooperation from a variety of organisations both in terms of areas of influence, fields of expertise and geographic location.

The project brings together entities from different backgrounds and expertise:

  • Municipality of Santiago de Compostela will provide its political influence and capacity to conduct big campaigns on Circular Economy among key actors and general citizenship.
  • Fundación Paideia Galiza will provide its capacity in inclusion of youngsters with fewer possibilities as well as its expertise in Circular Economy based on previous cooperation initiatives.
  • Circular Economy Portugal will provide its specific expertise as training providers in Circular Economy
  • Impact Hub Liepaja and EIVA will provide their expertise in the social entrepreneurship and labour market inclusion.
Impact HUB

Impact HUB Liepāja team has almost 15 years of experience in business (from supporting training companies to international management consulting) and working to support young people. The mission of Impact HUB Liepāja is to promote the sustainable development of society, with special emphasis on young people, and active participation in innovative and creative initiatives, to promote the self-growth of society, especially young people as a whole, and to promote entrepreneurship and sustainable thinking, with special emphasis on "green" thinking.

Strautu iela 4, Liepāja, LV-3401

+371 28663400


Fundación Paideia Galiza was founded in 1986 as a space for debate and thought on human and social sciences. Throughtout this time, it has been consolidating and expanding through initiatives that try to have a positive impact on the Galician social environment. The foundation focuses its activity on the following work axes: disability and employment, youth and mobility, entrepreneurship, territorial development and training and dissemination. Each of these areas promote the training and employment of people with fewer opportunities to access the labour market. All of this, with a commitment to equality, innovation, sustainability and social justice, with a vocation for networking, promoting collaboration with social public and private agents.

A Escravitude, s/n 15980 Padrón

+34 981 817 000


Established in 2013, EIVA is a non-governmental organization located in Arad, Romania. Our mission is to foster social responsibility, environmental awareness, and skills development among our community members through social, cultural, and educational projects.

At the local level, we focus on addressing the challenges faced by young people by promoting learning experiences and facilitating the participation of international volunteers through programs such as the European Solidarity Corps and Erasmus+.

We also participate in international projects, delivering non-formal educational activities and training to youths, adults, and organizations on a wide range of topics such as voluntary work, active citizenship, organizational management, social entrepreneurship, career development, and environmental protection.

Our areas of international work include International Cooperation projects, Learning mobilities, and Capacity Building projects. We collaborate with partners from diverse European countries, and we are members of FICEMEA international organisation.

7 Lucian Blaga Street, Ap. 16, 2nd floor

circular economy pt

Circular Economy Portugal (CEP) is a non-profit environmental NGO with the aim to stimulate the transition to a circular economy and create a society without waste. To achieve this, CEP shares knowledge about circular economy, builds capacity to help public/private organisations implement circular strategies, and raises awareness among a wide audience. Over the years, CEP has developed and implemented various projects aimed at waste prevention through reuse and repair. By involving local communities, CEP contributes to social innovation, stimulates a conscious environmental behaviour and promotes the development of circular skills and competences.

Casa do Impacto Tv. de São Pedro, 8 1200-432 Lisboa


The Department of Youth is presented as an axis in which a series of proposals are structured to provide plural and accessible services to the youngest people and their organized expressions, to promote education in values ​​and the work to deal with situations of discrimination, conflict or violence between young people as well as instruments to facilitate the development of interpersonal relationships, with activities destined at the practice of creative leisure, non-formal education activities and with resources and opportunities to encourage active citizen participation.

The Departament of Youth of the Santiago City Council develops the municipal policy in the field of youth, with the main axis being the socio-cultural dynamism of the youth of Santiago de Compostela:

  • Develops own initiatives to young people, and support as those that come from the young groups  and provide technical advices and establish the corresponding help lines.
  • Encourages the creation of training spaces for young people in interest topics.  We are developing activities that promote knowledge about the circular economy and alternative consumption.
  • Organizes and distributes information on topics of interest to young people: employment, free time, training, etc.).

Pazo de Raxoi. Praza do Obradoiro 15705 Santiago de Compostela (A Coruña)