Ateliere Fără Frontiere Association (AFF)

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AFF has projects in different areas, which promote social inclusion and the creation of jobs, while creating sustainable solutions. The projects are:

  • Educlick: recycling waste electrical and electronic equipment, such as computers, keyboards and screens, that are then donated to schools in disadvantaged areas in Romania
  • Remesh: upcycling advertising banners and meshes into new products and accessories
  • Bio&Co: production of seasonal organic vegetables and delivery in a short logistics chain



Target Group:

People with fewer opportunities, facing economic and social difficulties

Difficulty level:



By promoting the recycling of electronic equipment, AFF is creating social and economic benefits, as well as tackling the electronic waste problem (in the EU, less than 40% of this type of waste is recycled) . The Bio&Co project reduces the carbon footprint of food , by choosing local vegetables and implementing short distance logistics (the short distance allows fresh vegetables to be delivered on the same day of harvest).

How youngsters can get involved

Youngsters can participate in similar initiatives as volunteers or replicate the projects, by following these steps:


  1. collect used electrical and electronic equipment, such as computers, keyboards and screens
  2. repair the equipment
  3. reuse, sell or donate the repaired objects



  1. collect used advertising banners and meshes
  2. upcycle the materials (designing, sewing)  to produce new accessories, such as bags
  3. use, sell or donate the new products



  1. create a communitary garden
  2. produce seasonal organic vegetables
  3. plan the logistic process
  4. deliver the produce

Skills and Competences

  • technical knowledge about repairing electronics
  • upcycling of textiles
  • circular design
  • knowledge about logistics
  • knowledge about organic agriculture

How youngsters can get involved