#14 BrillenWeltweit-pichi

BrilleWeltweit funds eyewear projects through cooperation with job centers and local organizations, providing job opportunities for long-term unemployed people. The project promotes the reuse of glasses, by receiving donations of used eyewear, which is then cleaned, reconditioned, measured, registered, packaged and donated to underprivileged people.



Difficulty level:



By promoting the reuse of eyewear, BrilleWeltweit is not only creating social and economic benefits, but also reducing CO2 emissions, raw materials extraction and use of energy and water associated with mass production of new glasses.

How youngsters can get involved

Youngsters can donate their eyewear or replicate this initiative, by following these steps:

  1. Collect donations
  2. Identify underprivileged groups/people in need of eyewear
  3. Clean, recondition, measure, register, package glasses (some of the activities, such as register, require knowledge about lenses strength)
  4. Donate the repaired eyewear

Skills and Competences

  • Technical knowledge about eyewear repair
  • Knowledge about reverse logistics

How youngsters can get involved