Darba tinderis (Job tinder)

Name of the project:

Darba tinderis (Job tinder)

Name of the organisations:

  • Visas iespējas


We, "Visas Iespējas", have created an unprecedented solution for job seekers in Latvia - Job Tinder, which will help you significantly facilitate the job search process.

Darba tinderis (Job tinder) is an online platform: darbatinderis.lv, where it will be possible to view job vacancies, apply for them and conveniently arrange a meeting with a potential employer. Jobseekers registered at the job tinder festival will search for the best match with an employer within 3 weeks. The event will take place online, so any resident of Latvia is invited to register and participate, regardless of place of residence and availability of time.

Job tinder is created on the principle of the dating platform "Tinder", only in this case the user (job seeker) creates his profile and notes his interests, skills and what kind of job he is looking for. The user will be able to see vacancies in which interest has been mutual - both from the job seeker's side and from the company's representative. Such a solution is innovative in Latvia - it speeds up and facilitates the job search process for both job seekers and employers.



Target Group:

Young people

Good practice:

  • Labor inclusion
  • A more efficient way to search for a job