Name of the project:


Name of the organisations:

  • Keep The Change


MAIN AIM - develop social media literacy, business development skills, cooperation skills, critical thinking, leadership, and generate new ideas, show what Erasmus+ are about.

During these 11 days 30 young participants created their own business ideas, talked about business plans, learned where to create a good CV, found out how to use different digital tools (Canva, google drive, photo and video editing apps etc.). We did personality tests to find out more about ourselves.

We had almost 40 different sessions led by all our participants. Almost 40 different energizers to lift up our mood and prepare for sessions. Thank you Agija Jirgena for that

Group work, Individual work, working in international groups, national groups - all of that only in 11 days.

Now we know cultural differences and also similarities in all 4 countries - Latvia, Georgia, Poland and Lithuania. We now know what the traditional food tastes like in each of these countries.

But most importantly - each participant now has more friends, bigger confidence in themselves, an open mind and better understanding of tens and hundreds of things.



Target Group:

Young people

Good practice:

  • Inclusion
  • Turn a hobby into a business