Furniture Upcycling

@Cottonbro Studio

Upcycling is the recovery and repurposing of discarded objects in a creative way, preventing them from being incinerated or wasted in landfills. The objects are repurposed to create products with a higher esthetic value. In the case of furniture, for instance, it often has to be repaired, renovated or refurbished as a whole or parts that are reused in other pieces.


International (examples: France, Ireland, Italy, Belgium and Netherlands)

Difficulty level:

Medium / Difficult


In the EU, 10 million tonnes of furniture are discarded every year . We discard furniture when it is damaged, but also when we want to substitute it with new designs. Upcycling the furniture instead of disposing of it avoids incineration (which would cause CO2 emissions) and the waste of materials and of the resources used in the production, such as water and energy.

How youngsters can get involved

  1. Find a local carpenter to repair broken furniture
  2. Look for a carpentry course and learn to repair furniture
  3. Organize an upcycling workshop together with people with repair skills

Skills and Competences

  • repairing furniture
  • using tools
  • knowledge on different materials used to build furniture
  • design

How youngsters can get involved

Atelier Extramuros (France):

Extramuros L’Association (France):

ReFunk (Ireland):

Upcycle Furniture (Italy):

Impact Furniture (Belgium):

Buurman (Netherlands):