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HOPE21 is a scholarship program for disadvantaged youth between the ages of 15 and 21. Our goal is to find motivation in young people to finish school, build character and be important parts of society. Young people receive a monthly stipend (20-50 eur). Young people are inspected by one of the youth workers, they participate in youth center meetings, but most importantly, they are helpful and take responsibility for the activities of the youth center.

We build character through active participation and positive relationships.

HÅP FOR ALLE started a scholarship program in the Baltic countries in January 2012. In the winter of 2014, it was decided to develop the scholarship program further, creating a more versatile program in which young people should be more involved and take responsibility. This is how the HOPE21 program was born. In 2014, six of the HOUSE OF HOPE young people became scholarship laureates for the first time. In February 2015, thanks to HÅP FOR ALLE, 10 more scholarships were awarded to HOUSE OF HOPE young people. Currently, there are 24 young people in Latvia who have been awarded this scholarship. Also in Tallinn, Estonia there are currently 14 HOPE21 scholarship holders.



Target Group:

15-21 year olds

Good practice:

  • Youths with fewer possibilities inclusion
  • Labor inclusion