Library of Things

@LTE Project, EU


 The Library of Things is a space with different objects - such as tools, electronic and home equipment, toys and other everyday objects - that anyone can borrow for free or for a small fee.


International (examples: Germany, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Italy)

Target Group:

People with fewer opportunities, facing economic, social and cultural obstacles

Difficulty level:



The Library reduces the need to purchase new items by encouraging people to share and reuse. Through more intensive use of products, extending the lifespan of equipment and materials and decreasing mass production of objects, the Library of Things reduces environmental impacts, such as CO2 emissions, extraction of raw materials and use of energy and water. The Library of Things also has social benefits, because it provides access to consumer products to underprivileged people.

How youngsters can get involved

  1. Gather objects that can be used in the library of things
  2. Find an available space
  3. Set up a registry system and rules for lending the objects
  4. Publicize the initiative

Skills and Competences

  • organizational skills
  • problem solving
  • teamwork
  • knowledge about social inclusion
  • knowledge about environmental benefits of reusing