Radi, lieku neradot!

Name of the project:

Radi, lieku neradot!

Name of the organisations:

  • Daibes ilgtspējas centrs


Association "Daibes ilgtspējas centrs" of the campaign "Radi, lieku neradot!" has developed a series of video lectures, which provides an insight into environmental topics and the circular economy in a way and symbols that young people can understand, with the involvement of inspiring industry activists. Lectures are intended for 13-19-year-olds (grades 7-12). The lectures are built on the basis of the basic principles of competence education, which means that teachers will be able to easily integrate the updated environmental topics and tasks into their subjects.

During the lectures, young people will not only learn about the basic principles of the circular economy, but will be invited to actively participate with the help of various tasks. In order not to miss out on practical experience, in addition to the classes, online conversations are also planned, where well-known environmental activists will share their experiences and views on life.



Target Group:

13-19 year olds

Good practice:

  • Lectures about circular economy
  • Young people inclusion