A XANELA. Asociación de Discapacitados Activos de As Pontes

Rúa A Xanela s/n, 15320 As Pontes, A Coruña, Spain

0034 981 452 416 // 0034 607 230 249



Association born to coordinate and promote the advocacy of the interests of individuals with functional diversity, aiming to achieve maximum social attention to the challenges they face and their integration into society. Its mission is to improve the quality of life and foster the social integration of individuals with functional diversity and their families through therapeutic, leisure, and recreational activities.


·         Service of maintaining individuals with functional diversity within the community, for as long as possible and under appropriate health conditions.

·         We help reduce the workload and responsibility related to environmental control tasks for primary family members and/or caregivers, improving their quality of life and relationship with the person with functional diversity.

·         We promote the capabilities of individuals with functional diversity in all significant activities of their daily life that were interrupted due to various reasons.

·         Psychological, social, and healthcare support for the beneficiaries and their families.

·         Social volunteering.