ADISBISMUR. Asociación de Discapacitados de la Comarca de Muros

R/ Rosalia de Castro, 15250 Muros, A Coruña, Spain

0034 981 764 377 // 0034 636 846 774


Non-profit organization aiming to promote the integration (social, vocational, educational, etc.) and enhance the quality of life for individuals with disabilities in the region. This association emerged as a response to the neglect experienced by people with disabilities in Galicia during that period, marking the beginning of the associative movement. An entity established to work towards the social, educational, and vocational integration of people with disabilities in the region.


Occupational center and a Day center where training activities, pre-employment workshops, rehabilitation activities, adapted transportation, dining services, leisure and free time activities, information and counseling, family school, etc., are carried out.

Information and Counseling for People with Disabilities.

Volunteer work.


Vocational Integration Service.


Computer Literacy.

Speech Therapy.