AEPEF (Delegación Galega)

C. de Sebastián Herrera, 15, 28012 Madrid


Galician Delegation of the Spanish Association for Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia, a non-profit non-governmental organization created by patients and their families seeking answers to a series of unanswered questions. The organization’s goals are to provide emotional support to those affected, patients, and their families, to guide, disseminate information, and ensure that they are adequately treated within an effective healthcare network in which human, medical, and economic resources are not diluted, to aggregate professional knowledge in centers, enriching the knowledge base of the professionals involved, and to seek financial support to aid in treatment.


Referral to the state organization’s services that are available in the territory:
·         Guidance, information, and dissemination.

·         Support for the affected person.

·         Representation and awareness.

·         Recreation and leisure.