AGADHEMO. Asociación Galega de Hemofilia

R/ Doutor Carracido nº 128 Baixo, 36205 Vigo, Pontedra, Spain

0034 981 299 055


The Galician Hemophilia Association (AGADHEMO) is a nonprofit organization with the mission to promote and coordinate the advocacy of the rights of individuals with hemophilia and other coagulopathies towards their full integration.


Participatory Activities: Assemblies, World Hemophilia Day celebrations, training seminars, workshops…

Projects and Activities Area: Permanent Care and Information Service (SAIP): The objective is to provide psychosocial counseling and information to members, as well as support them in various legal processes.

The Hemoescola project aims to create spaces for interaction and learning for parents of boys and girls with hemophilia, addressing reality without dramatization and from a positive perspective.

Apoihemos: A psychological support program aimed at enhancing the quality of life for individuals with hemophilia.

Igualhemos: Training sessions for women with hemophilia to promote their equality in terms of information, care, training, and advice, to encourage their involvement in the association’s activities.

Atendhemos, Saluditinere, Volunthemo, Hemocamp Camps…