AGAL. Asociación Gallega de Lupus de Ourense

Rúa Recaredo Paz s/n, 32005, Ourense, Spain

0034 988 216 071 // 0034 659 585 182


It is the Lupus Patients’ Association of Galicia, which was established as a non-profit organization, with the sole interest of improving the quality of life for Lupus patients and their families. Its overall objective is to provide moral, physical, and educational support to all individuals affected by Lupus in all its forms or types, regardless of the degree of their condition, by facilitating access to services aimed at preventing a state of dependency. It aims to carry out all types of socio-sanitary actions that are necessary to raise awareness about the disease, thus contributing to early diagnosis and avoiding its collateral effects.


·         Welcome Program: Initial approach to better understand the reality of their situation, in order to provide individualized solutions tailored to the needs of each case.

·         Psychological Intervention: Through intervention techniques and strategies, both the Lupus-affected person and their family are supported to manage the challenges that arise during the course of the disease.

·         Social Work: Precise and qualified information, advice, and, if necessary, processing of available resources, facilitating access to them.

·         Physiotherapy Service: To rehabilitate and enhance the functional autonomy of the affected individual. (Rheumatological Physiotherapy, Manual and Orthopedic Physiotherapy, Lymphatic Drainage)

·         Leisure and Free Time Workshops: Recreational gatherings for socializing.