AGAPA Asociación Gallega de Personas Amputadas

Rúa Manuel María. Nº 6 15704 Santiago de Compostela. A Coruña, Spain

0034 618 97 82 54 // 0034 639 073 156


A non-profit organization, founded by a group of individuals with amputations in Galicia, with the aim of supporting, informing, advising, assisting, and guiding anyone who has undergone an amputation process, as well as their families. The organization facilitates and promotes the full integration of individuals with amputations into all aspects of society.


Social Cohesion Project: A support service for individuals who have recently undergone an amputation or are planning to undergo amputation due to an illness. This service covers various aspects such as processing disability certificates, applying for various types of disability benefits, managing driver’s license procedures, vehicle adaptation, providing information about direct and indirect assistance from different governmental and non-governmental organizations, guidance on obtaining orthopedic materials to which they are entitled, and addressing other daily challenges that this group may encounter.

Physiotherapeutic Intervention: The goal of this program is to comprehensively assess individuals with amputations and support them in obtaining tools that enhance their personal autonomy.

Orthopedic Intervention: Assessment of prosthetic fittings, advice, verification, and replacement of prostheses.