AGORA. Asociación de Personas con Discapacidad de Monforte de Lemos

Carud nº 142 – Baixo, 27400. Monforte. Lugo, Spain

0034 982 410 289 // 0034 673 912 496


A non-profit association with the aim of promoting and coordinating the defense of the rights of people with disabilities for their full integration into society.


 DAY CENTER: Daytime care for individuals with disabilities requiring extensive or comprehensive support, from an individual perspective. It offers the following services: Psychological care, cognitive stimulation, speech therapy, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, maintenance exercise, psychomotor activities, relaxation, hydrotherapy, music therapy, handicraft workshops, leisure activities, and family respite services. Additionally, it provides meals, adapted transportation, assistive products, and supervision.

  ASSISTED LIVING: Provides home-based care for individuals with disabilities requiring moderate support in a normalized and integrated living environment among the residents.

  SOCIAL INTERVENTION PROGRAM: Offers information, counseling, and individualized social support to individuals with disabilities.

  PSYCHOLOGY PROGRAM: Provides individual, family, and group therapy.

  HEARING AND LANGUAGE PROGRAM – SPEECH THERAPY: Aims to achieve communicative well-being in the user, promoting appropriate cognitive, social, and personal performance.

  PHYSIOTHERAPY, FUNCTIONAL RECOVERY, AND HYDROTHERAPY PROGRAM: Aims to promote personal autonomy and improve the overall quality of life for users.