AIXIÑA. Asociación de Discapacitados Físicos, Parálisis Cerebral y Tercera Edad Dependente

Rúa Recaredo Paz, nº1, 32005 Ourense, Spain

0034 988 233 304 //0034 629 576 077


Non-profit association whose MISSION is to work for and with individuals with physical disabilities, cerebral palsy, brain injury, dependent elderly, and their families, tailoring our response to their needs and expectations through various programs and services, with the added value of a personal, close, and normalizing approach, in order to achieve the full integration of individuals in all aspects of life (social, cultural, and occupational).


Information and advisory service. This service also includes a social worker, whose goal is to assist and guide the family members and association members, helping them manage their demands.

Ambulatory Rehabilitation Service. Access to various rehabilitative therapeutic disciplines.

Adapted Transportation Service.

Leisure and free time service. A comprehensive leisure and free time program is developed year by year with the primary aim of bringing leisure closer and offering socialization opportunities.

Volunteer service. Mainly focused on leisure and free time programs, summer camps, and the development of various workshops.
External action. Activities, events, and collaborations with other entities