ALCER. Asociación para la lucha contra las enfermedades renales de Ourense

Rúa Recaredo Paz nº 1 - CIS Aixiña, 32005 Ourense, Spain

0034 988 229 615 // 0034 663 780 330


Non-profit healthcare and social NGO, declared of public utility, whose main objective is to provide moral and physical support to all individuals affected by kidney diseases, as well as the prevention and fight against these diseases through the development of all necessary activities for this purpose.


SOCIAL SUPPORT, INFORMATION, AND ASSISTANCE. Biweekly visits are conducted to patients undergoing dialysis, providing them with support throughout their treatment and addressing their concerns. Information is provided, and social matters are addressed for those in need.

They connect individuals who wish to connect with patients who have undergone or are undergoing various treatments to address questions. Societal gatherings are organized to allow members to share their experiences.

PREVENTION: Different kidney disease prevention campaigns are carried out throughout the year.

OUTREACH: We promote organ donation through informative campaigns, offer to give talks on this topic, and collaborate with the Galician Transplant Coordination Office in the “Salvavidas” Project, conducted in educational institutions to raise awareness about organ donation among the youth.