ALCER CORUÑA. Asociación para la Lucha Contra las Enfermedades del Riñón de A Coruña

Hotel de pacientes do CHUAC, As Xubias 84 - 4º andar 15006 A Coruña, Spain

0034 981 298 759 // 0034 670 339 066



The Association for the Fight Against Kidney Diseases is born with the aim of providing access to substitute renal treatments and improving the quality of life of individuals with Chronic Kidney Disease. It offers a range of services to individuals with kidney disease and their families, addressing the demands and needs of those who suffer from any type of chronic condition.


The Information and Orientation Service (SIO) provides information, guidance, and advice (on social resources, labor, education, nutrition, occupation, and/or sexology) to individuals with chronic kidney disease and their families. Information, advice, guidance, and support service for individuals with Chronic Kidney Disease and their families in treatment units and consultations. Awareness-raising activities program on organ donation and transplantation, and social participation (ALCER 7 VIDAS). Psychological Care Service (SAP) offers professional psychological care, Actívate con Alcer program. Occupational Therapy Program aimed at improving individuals’ independence. Volunteer Program. Carrying out activities to raise awareness about organ donation and transplantation, as well as providing training to acquire the necessary skills for specialized volunteer activities in promoting organ donation.