ALCER LUGO. Asociación para la Lucha contra las Enfermedades Renales de Lugo

Avda. Infanta Elena nº 11, Casa Clara Campoamor, local 5-7, 27003, Lugo, Spain

0034 982 243 231 // 0034 619 609 797


Non-profit association with social purposes, established in the city of Lugo. Its main function is to provide information and advice about chronic kidney disease, as well as to offer services and organize activities to enhance the quality of life of this group in relation to their challenges. Its primary goal is to promote and coordinate the defense of the rights of individuals with renal diseases and other disabilities toward their full integration.


Information and advice about Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), Accompaniment and support throughout different stages of treatment. Hemodialysis library service. Participation in Kidney Conferences organized by the ALCER Federation and various collaborations. Management of leisure, free time, vacations, and volunteering. Professional, legal, accessibility, and assistive device advisory services. Various workshops based on the season (Laughter therapy, cooking, physical exercise, crafts, cultural excursions…) Sensitization and community outreach activities. Information, guidance, and advice on social resources. Management and coordination of medical transport services in collaboration with the Health Service. Psychological counseling and support groups for individuals with kidney disease and their families. Dietary and nutritional advice at all stages. Collaboration with the OCT (Organ Transplantation Coordination Office). Development and execution of social projects.