Altek Metal

Veliköy Sanayi Bölgesi Sanayi Mah.3. Cad. No: 2 / A 59500 Çerkezköy Tekirdağ - TÜRKİYE

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ALTEK METAL was established in 1987 to be your solution partner in aluminum. Today, Altek Metal, which has contacts with aluminum suppliers all over the world and exports its own products to 25 countries, especially Europe, has become an international reference company in the Turkish and European markets.

Altek Metal is currently the only producer of precision milled aluminum cast plates in Turkey. The company has also started producing its recycled aluminum slabs and billets in its own foundry since 2023.

Thanks to the new foundry investment, the aluminum slabs and billets produced by Altek Metal are today produced from 80%-100% recycled industrial scrap. In addition, Altek Metal is Turkey’s first and only company that produces 7xxx series aluminum slab and billet casting. Additionally, Altek Metal has broken new ground with the production of 26” and 32” inch aluminum billets.

In addition to its in house production, Altek Metal supplies a variety of commonly used aluminium commercial products in order to rapidly meet the material demand of its customers through its 3 service centers.

Altek Metal’s service centers specialize in aluminum cutting, waterjet cutting, CNC cutting, bar and flat cutting, roll-to-length cutting and circular cutting. With establishment of, Altek Metal has also been working diligently to create a technological, fast and effortless e-commerce experience for its customers in the digital age.

Altek Metal is your leading solution partner in aluminum.