AMIZADE. Asociación de Persoas con Discapacidad de la Comarca de Pontevedra

Rúa Alemaña, 23 - baixo. Monte Porreiro. 36162, Pontevedra, Spain

0034 986 845 250 // 0034 687 969 478


Association born with the overall aim of promoting the social and employment integration of people with disabilities and achieving the full inclusion of these individuals in all aspects of society, striving for a society where the social group of people with disabilities can enjoy their rights on equal terms, with the utmost respect for their dignity and diversity, advocating for the right to a way of life and a social environment that ensures independent living and autonomous development for every person with disabilities, fostering positive social attitudes towards individuals with disabilities, and gathering and disseminating both general and specialized information about disability issues


• Information and Advisory Service aimed at providing information and advice to individuals directly or indirectly related to disability.

• Physiotherapy Service

• Psychological Support Service

• Speech Therapy Service

• Leisure and Recreation Activities

• Inclusive Leisure Workshop

• Adapted Gymnasium

• Empowerment Group for Women with Disabilities “Diverse Women”

• Technical Aid Service “AMISERPRE”

• Sensitization and Social and Political Awareness Activities

• Volunteer Program

• Accessibility Service providing technical assistance and guidance on space and material design.