ASEM GALICIA. Asociación Gallega contra las Enfermedades Neuromusculares

Martínez Garrido nº 21. Interior, 362015 Vigo, Pontevedra Spain

0034 986 378 001 // 0034 698 140 728


Galician Association against Neuromuscular Diseases whose main objective is to contribute to the normalization of the situation arising from a neuromuscular disease through guidance for individuals affected by a neuromuscular disease and their surroundings; as well as raising awareness and dissemination among healthcare professionals, public administrations, and the rest of society.


·         Information, Guidance, and Counseling Service through three channels: Healthcare Area, Social Area, and Occupational Therapy Area.

·         Personal Autonomy Promotion Service. Comprehensive direct and specialized care. Physiotherapy service.

·         Rehabilitation Projects for minors with neuromuscular diseases. Physiotherapy service through the Provincial Federation of Associations.

·         Psychological support service.

·         Independent Living Program.

·         Assistive Product Bank. A catalog of assistive products is available to our users.

·         Information services, aimed at informing and contributing to the dissemination of Neuromuscular Diseases and ASEM Galicia, its services and activities, as well as news of interest related to the disability sector.