ASOTRAME Asociación Gallega de Trasplantados de Médula Ósea

C/ Cuatro Caminos s/n Local Social de A Gándara 15570 Narón A Coruña, Spain



It is born with the primary goal of enhancing the quality of life for bone marrow transplant recipients, those undergoing a hematological cancer process, their families, and consequently, society as a whole. Additionally, it aims to convey to society the significance of donating bone marrow as an act of solidarity that can save numerous lives.


• Enhance the quality of life for patients and former patients with hematological cancer and their families. Workshops, leisure activities for children, exhibitions, donation of furniture for hospital areas, donation of computer equipment for hospital cyber classrooms, management of temporary accommodation for patients and families.

• Inform and raise awareness throughout society about the bone marrow donation process.

• Collaborate on cancer research projects.

• Ongoing training for staff and volunteers.