COGAMI LUGO Federación de Asociaciones de Personas con Discapacidad de Lugo

Rúa da Luz nº 4, 27002 Lugo, Spain

0034 982 253 332


The Federation of Associations of People with Disabilities in Lugo “COGAMI LUGO” was established with the intention of synergizing efforts among associations in the province of Lugo with common goals, resulting in improved responses to the needs of people with disabilities in the province of Lugo. Its mission is to achieve the full inclusion of people with disabilities in all aspects of society, through advocating for and promoting their rights, demanding social change, enhancing and coordinating associationism, and providing services that meet their needs and expectations.


Information, guidance, and advice: Specialized information on all aspects related to disability. Sensitization campaigns: Promotion and accessibility, as well as related advice.

Association promotion and dynamization: It involves highlighting the value of associationism, providing support and advice to entities, informative sessions, participation in events and forums, and collaboration with other organizations.

Volunteering programs.

Pre-employment workshops.