Confederación Galega de Persoas con Dispacidade (COGAMI)

Modesto Brocos nº7, Baixo Bloque 3, 15704 Santiago de Compostela. A Coruña. España

0034 981 574 698


The Confederación Galega de Persoas con Discapacidade (COGAMI) is a nonprofit organization established in 1990 and recognized as an entity of public interest. Its primary objective is to achieve full inclusion of individuals with disabilities in all aspects of society, enhancing their personal autonomy, quality of life, and enabling them to pursue their life projects based on their specific needs and interests. With a membership comprising more than 50 associations, COGAMI stands as one of the most prominent organizations within the realm of disability in Galicia.


COGAMI provides a comprehensive range of professional services:

1. Advisory and Intervention: We offer expert guidance and support to individuals, ensuring their needs are addressed effectively.
2. Employment: Through our Information, Guidance, and Employment Research Service, we facilitate employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities.
3. Training: We offer tailored training programs aimed at enhancing skills and knowledge to foster personal and professional growth.
4. Accessibility: Our organization is committed to promoting accessibility in various contexts, ensuring equal opportunities for all.
5. Assistive Products: We provide a lending service for assistive products, following a comprehensive assessment of individual requirements.
6. Daytime Assistance: We offer assistance and support services during the day, catering to the specific needs of individuals.
7. Organizational Support: We provide assistance to organizations in matters related to disability inclusion and accessibility. In addition, COGAMI actively participates in European projects, facilitating the exchange of best practices, continuous improvement, and the generation of innovative ideas. Furthermore, our organization operates 11 social economy initiatives, engaging over 800 individuals with disabilities.