COREGAL. Xestión Integral de Residuos

Rúa República Checa, nº17. Polígono Empresarial Costa Vella 15707 Santiago de Compostela, A Coruña. España

0034 981 571 241


Non-profit social initiative special employment center dedicated to the integral management of waste to achieve maximum reduction, reuse, recycling, and valorization of non-hazardous waste generated by clients, reincorporating the maximum amount of materials back into the consumption cycle and minimizing their disposal in landfills.


Special Employment Center:

  1. Environmental Waste Management Services:
  • Services for Administrations (Collection of cardboard and paper – blue container, “door-to-door” service for R.S.U. and bulky waste, glass collection – green container, collection of lightweight packaging – yellow container). Clean points and other services.
  • Services for businesses: From collections to document destruction or environmental consulting, transportation and waste management, and rental of various equipment and containers.
  1. Design, Construction, and Conservation Service of Parks and Gardens.