Rúa da Caldeirería, 36. 15703 – Santiago de Compostela. A Coruña

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Creativas Galegas” is a collective formed by small brands from the cultural and creative field of Galicia. Professionals in craftsmanship, art, culture, and Galician design who work together to keep traditions, culture, and crafts alive. They advocate for and promote artisanal work, high-quality Galician design, and do so under a true Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) framework. Since 2019, more than 300 brands have come together under the umbrella brand: “Creativas Galegas.”


“Creativas Galegas” is the umbrella brand that brings together, welcomes, promotes, and gives visibility to more than 300 brands from the Galician creative field. By working together as a unified entity, they enjoy certain advantages typically only accessible to larger entities or companies with an established market presence. In this way, they achieve:

Negotiating power through collective bargaining.

Competing in the market with artisanal and small business products against imported goods and large firms.

Increased visibility and traffic of target customers, which they achieve through the combined efforts and resources of all individuals and brands within the collective.

The “Mercado Galego da Creatividade” is the collective physical store for “Creativas Galegas” brands. It is a cultural and diverse space located in the heart of the historic center of Santiago de Compostela, where a wide range of artisanal products from various sectors of Galician culture, craftsmanship, and design can be found.

The designers and creators of the products themselves are the ones who staff this museum-like sales and exhibition space. They work live, conduct workshops, and host various activities such as presentations, talks, and collective meetings.