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Cyrkl is an international technology and consulting company specialising in circular waste management. Thanks to advanced technological solutions, Cyrkl helps companies turn waste into resources and thus into revenue with Europe’s largest digital marketplace for waste and residuals. In the area of consulting, we rely on our team of waste management experts. With our Circular Waste Scans, we analyze your company’s waste streams and identify potential for CO2 and cost savings. Cyrkl provides market analyses and helps transfer recycling technologies and legislation. With these activities, Cyrkl brings innovation and circular economy principles to the world of waste management.

  • Marketplace: Cyrkl’s online marketplace allows you to sell and buy waste across Europe without limits. You can publish unlimited offers for free, receive free daily emails with new materials you are interested in, and get personal assistance from our local waste experts.
  • Cyrkl Pro: Using our marketplace is free for everyone. However, if you want to make the most of it, consider our Cyrkl Pro plan and enjoy more freedom, functionality and security.
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Cyrkl Solutions

Cyrkl Consulting offers complete personalized solutions that optimize companies’ material flows, making their production more efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly.

  • Circular waste scan: The value of different material streams generated as waste in companies is constantly changing. There is a lack of transparency in the waste management sector, especially regarding the prices of materials. Moreover, new, innovative solutions for problems in terms of recycling waste streams are constantly being discovered and implemented in other countries. To help companies recognize the value of each waste stream and find innovative solutions for its recycling or recovery, Cyrkl has developed this tool.
  • Recyclability analysis: Due to a wide variety of market factors, (e.g. the capacity of recycling facilities, the value of secondary materials, recovery rates, etc), not all materials that are intended for recycling are, in fact, recyclable in practice. Cyrkl’s team of experts, focused specifically on the circular economy and waste management, deeply understand the factors influencing the circulation of different materials and their recycling and recovery rates. That is why Cyrkl is the perfect partner for any type of Recyclability Analysis.
  • Green sourcing: To avoid wasteful use of primary resources, companies turn to secondary raw materials as a source. Moreover, when innovative technologies develop, more and more secondary materials, previously considered waste, can be used to produce multiple products. For those technologies to have economic stability, a stable stream of secondary material needs to be ensured. Knowing the market and all the essential stakeholders, including waste producers, Cyrkl is a perfect partner for that.
  • Circular demolition: Construction and demolition waste are some of the biggest challenges of the circular economy. Fortunately, Cyrkl has extensive experience in projects that focused on recovering materials from the demolition process. Cyrkl’s team of experts can help your company determine the quantity and type of waste or secondary materials that are recoverable. And then we can recommend demolition procedures to maximize the recovery of those materials before finding the best partners for the materials to be recycled or disposed of safely.
  • Personalized projects: Designed to offer tailored waste and circular economy solutions based on your company’s needs. Our waste and circular economy specialists may conduct an analysis of your business operations and create a customized plan to help you achieve your sustainability goals, provide legislative support, execute comprehensive market research or offer other types of personalized support in this field, pooling the expertise from the team of experts as well as market data.
  • Legal and legislative services: Are you struggling with complex legislation, unclear regulations, lack of expertise, or capacity to ensure compliance with the law? Cyrkl’s trained experts with extensive experience in waste management and circular economy legislation help companies with tailored solutions. Our team is here for you, from basic advice to helping obtain approvals and permits, to comprehensive legislative audits. You save time and money while minimizing negative environmental impact, and the threat of penalties. And it doesn’t end there – in addition to consulting, our experts can also help you find suitable business partners and profitable buyers for your waste materials.