DISCAFIS COGAMI Federación de Personas con Discapacidad de Ourense

Rúa Recaredo Paz, nº 1 (CIS Aixiña), 32005 Ourense, Spain

0034 988 248 769



DISCAFIS-COGAMI (Federation of Associations of People with Disabilities of Ourense) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote and coordinate the advocacy of the rights of people with disabilities towards their full integration through various socio-sanitary services to facilitate their inclusion in society.


Specialized Services Program: Services such as speech therapy, social education, social work, and adapted transportation.

Information and Sensitization: Addressing queries from individuals and family members with disabilities and the general public, as well as conducting sensitization talks and prevention of spinal cord injuries.

Loan of Technical Aids: Temporary lending of electric lifts to individuals with significant disabilities.

Architectural Barrier Removal: Providing information and referral to Cogami’s accessibility department if needed. Reporting architectural barriers.

Volunteering: Participation in programs supporting people with disabilities (PCD) and organizing activities, etc.

Management of Member Entities’ Finances: For those entities lacking sufficient personnel, the federation manages official accounting.