DISVALIA Asociación de Personas con Discapacidad de la comarca de Valdeorras

c/Lugo, 6, 32300 O Barco de Valdeorras, Ourense, Spain

0034 699 659 139



It emerges to address the needs of the disability community in the Valdeorras region. Its aim is to achieve the full inclusion of individuals with disabilities in all aspects of society. This is pursued through advocating for and promoting their rights, demanding social change, and providing services that meet their needs and expectations.


Information, Advice, and Awareness: Providing information to the organization’s members about resources and activities available to them and referring them to the appropriate agencies.

Leisure: Organizing activities that encourage participation in adapted activities for members, thus promoting social relationships and stepping out of their immediate environment.

Barrier Removal: Offering information and guidance regarding requests in this area.

Rehabilitation Service: Activities such as hydrotherapy to enhance physical improvement through water-based rehabilitation. Physiotherapy sessions are also provided to address aspects that could alleviate pain, spasticity, etc., ultimately improving their quality of life.