“Ernest Lupan” Institute for Circular Economy and Environmental Research

Calea Dorobantilor, no. 71-73, Cluj-Napoca



IRCEM dedicates its activity to the promotion and training in the field of the circular economy, making available a varied range of courses, designed both for those just starting out in this area and for experienced professionals. With a consolidated tradition in the educational field, we are firmly convinced of the importance of continuous training in the evolution towards a sustainable circular economy. The circular economy represents a modern response to the traditional economic model, focusing on waste reduction and the optimal utilization of resources. This system promotes regeneration and reuse, aiming to balance economic progress, environmental protection and societal prosperity.


The role of IRCEM within the joint initiative of the European Commission and the European Economic and Social Committee through ECESP, which it has assumed since 2018, is to facilitate the transition from the linear economy to the circular economy of Romania, as well as the mapping of good practice models , projects, actions and/or public policies based on the circular economy.

Thus, we map and analyze the circular practices in Romania in order to report them to the commission to be publicized and supported as such.

IRCEM collaborates with universities, companies, institutes, clusters, start-ups and public authorities to develop projects that aim to transition to the green economy for our clients. As a research, development and innovation partner, we contribute to the creation of added value and increased competitiveness in the public and private sectors.

Thus, we apply our multidisciplinary approach to a wide range of projects, from small testing, verification and peer review projects, to local, national and international scale-up research and/or development programs in various areas of the circular economy, below find the services that IRCEM offers.