HOLCIM Romania

Șos. Pipera nr. 46D-46E-48, Oregon Park – Clădirea B, Etajul 6, Sectorul 2, Bucharest, Romania



We apply the circular economy in everything we do – in our activities and products – right down to the built environment.
Priorities for action:

We source and use local raw materials responsibly (BES 6001 certification), divert waste from disposal through landfill and reintroduce it into the economic cycle by recycling its mineral content and recovering its energy content in production processes;
Reduce dependence on fossil fuels by:
Recovering and sustainably reusing in production processes the energy still existing in end-of-life materials, transforming carefully selected waste into alternative energy and mineral resources for the production process by co-processing waste;
recovering waste heat from the thermal process and reusing it in industrial processes or for electricity generation;
Contributing to the creation of new building materials through recycling of waste, including Construction and Demolition Waste (CDW) or waste already in landfills;
Use local materials in road and infrastructure solutions.
We support the development of building elements designed with minimal material consumption to build more with fewer resources and conserve ecosystems;
We reduce water consumption by reusing water at all points of use;
We use reclaimed aggregates in concrete production, respecting quality standards;
We test the use of CO2 for the production of new goods and materials;

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