LIREGA Liga Reumatológica Gallega

Centro Cívico A Silva, R/ Venela s/n 15010 A Coruña, Spain



A non-profit organization comprised of individuals with rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases, their families, and professionals, working in the Galician autonomous community to enhance the quality of life for the population affected by these conditions. Established in 1996, its aim is to promote and develop, at both individual and societal levels, the fight against rheumatic diseases, their prevention and prophylaxis, treatment and rehabilitation, by providing assistance to those affected by these ailments.


OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY: Through counseling and conducting occupational workshops, utilizing assistive products, removing architectural barriers at home, workplace, and/or study settings.
·         Additionally, efforts are focused on barrier removal, school awareness campaigns, municipal events, workshops, and programs (labor therapy workshops, Peer-to-Peer program, and leisure and well-being program for parents of users).

PSYCHOLOGY: To provide support and assistance to individuals with RD and their families. Within this service, the following objectives are pursued: Support groups, workshops, and events are also organized.