MISELA (Asociación de Personas con Discapacidad de la Comarca de Noia y Muros)

Avda. República Arxentina, 60, 15200, Noia, A Coruña, Spain

0034 981 972 822



Association that works in the care of people with disabilities, both children and adults, through specialized services to promote personal and social development of individuals with disabilities, as well as to encourage the participation and well-being of families. This is achieved through individualized and interdisciplinary attention from childhood, in the Noia region and neighboring municipalities.


EDIAT (Child Development and Early Care Team): Individualized care: physiotherapy, occupational therapy, psychology, etc. Transition to Adulthood Program (PTVA), Aquatic Therapy. Functional environment and assistive product adaptation advice, Coordination and referral to Education, Health, and Social Services professionals.

  Misela Center: Daytime care service for individuals with disabilities over 16 years old. It includes Misela Day Center and Misela Occupational Center.

  Personal Autonomy Promotion Service

  Leisure Self-Management Project