Stratos Management SRL

Str Islaz nr 37, sect 1, Bucuresti


Stratos Management SRL specializes in providing environmental protection consulting services across Romania. Our comprehensive range of environmental services ensures that every company adheres to all obligations outlined in environmental laws, thereby preventing significant fines. We are deeply committed to fostering an ecologically sound environment, considering our clients as partners, and the enduring impact of our work consistently serves as motivation.


Environmental Consultancy:

  • Environmental audit 
  • ISO
  • Circular Economy
  • CSR Initiatives

Environmental Studies:

  • Environmental balance
  • Location Report
  • Impact Report
  • New: Security Report
  • Adequate Assessment
  • Monitoring Environmental
  •  Factors
  • Carbon footprint
  • Other Specialty Studies


  • Environmental Fund obligations
  • Waste Management and Records
  • Responsible for the Environment

Notices and Authorizations:

  • Environment approval
  • Environmental Agreement
  • Environment authorization
  • Wastewater Treatment Agreement