TRAMEVE. Tratamento Ambiental de Vehículos

Vía La Cierva, nº90. Polígono Industrial do Tambre 15890 Santiago de Compostela, A Coruña, Spain 0034 981 554 707 // 0034 607 140 928

0034 981 554 707 // 0034 607 140 928


Non-profit social initiative Special Employment Center qualified as an End-of-Life Vehicle Treatment Center (ELV) focused on clean and safe processes that respect the environment and promote the reuse of parts; encourages responsible consumption of existing resources.


Special Employment Center.

 Related services for vehicle treatment (sale of used parts, appraisal, towing and dismantling of damaged or end-of-life vehicles, private towing service. Buy and sell of used cars and Eco-friendly vehicle processing).