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Valterio is a dynamic and innovative French company dedicated to reducing the environmental impact of the interior design & architecture sector. Our company is based on three principles: biobased, circular economy, and locality. We are developing panels made with agri-food biowaste and a recyclable binder. Our goal is to provide agencement actors with biobased, recycled, and recyclable panels that can be used as wall coverings, counters, to build furniture, etc. Panels made with “waste” sourced in France, transformed in France for the European market. Our R&D started in 2021. In the meantime, we launched Materialys Design. Materialys Design is a French creative brand; we handcraft decorative objects and accessories with the artisanal version of our materials. We offer beautiful pieces for interior design with the idea to show we can make beauty out of things considered as waste and change our view on resources thanks to design. (


Valterio : 

Service 1 : R&D to convert biowaste into materials suitable and sustainable for interior design application

Service 2 : production of biobased, recycled and recyclable materials (pannels)

Materialys : 

Service 1 : produce and sell handcrafted objects for interior design and accessories made with our materials

Service 2 : costum made creation for companies made with our materials (designed by materialys or design provided by the client)