Rúa Santa Clara, Nº 35 bajo. Código postal 36002, Pontevedra. Spain SHOPS: • Rúa Santa Clara, Nº 35, bajo,: 36002, Pontevedra. • Rúa Da Seca, Nº 3, bajo,: 36002, Pontevedra. • Rúa San Roque, Nº 11, bajo: 36600 Vilagarcía de Arousa.

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An Employment Insertion Company that promotes the social and labor inclusion of individuals at risk or in situations of exclusion, facing various challenges. They receive our support and training to empower them on their journey towards a fulfilling and meaningful life. Through this initiative, post-consumer products are reclaimed and given a new lease on life. The proceeds from the three solidarity stores are used to create more dignified jobs and foster a more inclusive, sustainable, and conscious society.


Solidarity Stores

Material Collection and Transportation Services

Home pickup service for clothing, footwear, household items, furniture, books, toys, dishes, decor, bedding, electronic equipment, and any other items that can be given a second life. Everything donated is given three opportunities: it is sold at affordable prices in our stores, donated to vulnerable families, or directed for recycling at the Atelier.

In The Atelier, they provide sewing services, customization, repairs, garment design, and pattern-making for textile items, with a strong emphasis on recycling denim into cushion covers, aprons, shopping bags, holiday decorations, and more. They also organize workshops for beginners in sewing using recycled fabrics and offer training in various textile utilization techniques, such as patchwork, tapestries, textile jewelry, weaving, and more.

They also offer furniture transportation, clearance, cleaning, and reorganization services for storage rooms, warehouses, and offices