improve the competences

The Circular Way to Inclusion project develops a series of activities based on the concept of Circular Economy as an inclusive element will under a 3-level approach (training, demonstrative and relational) that will improve the competences of volunteers/workers of entities active in the field of youth.



The concrete results that the project will produce are the following

Guides of Best Practices

- A Guide of Best Practices on each of the Rs of the Circular Economy.
- A Guide of Best Practices on youngsters' inclusion at social and labour market level.

Training Kits

- A Circular Economy Training Kit for Youth organisations.
- A Circular Economy Training Kit for the social and labour market inclusion of youngsters

A Digital Hub:

- A Circular Economy for Youth Digital Hub, as Online Platform for Training, Visibility and Matching on CE-based solutions.

Guidelines for awareness-raising:

- A Guidelines document on how to carry out among associations active in the youth field successful awareness raising campaigns on Circular Economy.

International Training Events for staff and youngsters:

- 2 physical international training events addressed to project target groups:
• Staff of the organisations active in the youth field
• Youngsters.

Dissemination Events

- 5 Dissemination Events by the end of the project in each of the regions represented in the project.